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Light Opal
Light opal is generally white or gray in body tone.  The white variation can become tan to brown, and the gray can darken to towards black, but at a certain point it becomes 'black opal'.

Crystal Opal
Crystal opal is opal that is so clear that you can read text through the stone.  A variation of this is a combination of crystal and another body tone.  This is called semi-crystal.  Where the crystal layer is backed by black opal, this is called then deemed black opal.

Matrix Opal
This is where the opal is not a layer of solid opal, but where the opal is mixed with a base material.  Andamooka matrix opal is usually treated to darken the base material and bring out the colors of the opal.  

Black Opal
Black opal is crystal opal on a black backing, or the crystal itself is black.  The black coloring intensifies the beautiful colors of opal.  Black opal is some of the most strikingly beautiful opal to be found.

Boulder Opal
Boulder opal is opal that has penetrated ironstone.  The opal layers in boulder opal can be very thin, however boulder opal usually has very bright color and can be as bright and valuable as black opal.


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