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Opal Care and Cleaning

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Natural opals are made of silicate material and contain a small percentage of water.  It is this water content that not only helps create the beautiful colors in opal, but makes taking special care of your opals important.  

Rapid changes in temperature can damage opals, along with freezing, or getting an opal too hot.   So, don't take your opals from a nice warm 70+ degree home outside to a sub 32 degree temperature.  If worn under a coat, or gloves should keep the opal warm enough, but take care.  

Do not store your opals or opal jewelry in a safety deposit box.  Safety deposit boxes have their humidity controlled and moisture is taken out of the air.  This will cause the opal to dry out and possibly cause it to crack or craze.

Do not store your opals in any kind of oil.  The oil will hide cracks and will eventually dull the color.  Detergents can dry out the opal and also dull the color.

Do not use ultrasonic, or steam to clean your opals.

Plain warm or mild soapy water used occasionally and rinsed off immediately is okay.



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