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Back on Track


Addendum: Dec. 29, 2005

Still pressing on.  If you've been checking back from earlier posts, you'll note that the site has been redone.  I liked this theme better and have done some reorganizing, and plain organizing of the layout.  I hope it is easily navigated.  I am hoping to have some product on the site in the next week.  Though, some might say it will be next year before I get anything done. :)


Dec. 29, 2005

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I'm sure your law has been proven many times.  And, I'm wondering if you still need me to prove it true?  

Verne Adams - Prop.

Grand Opening - SOON!!!

Sep. 9, 2005 - More progress, still hoping to open in September.  Just plain too many things to learn all at once & needing to do it mostly by myself.  Now, if I was rich and could hire someone else to do this, so I could just create the beautiful jewelry!


Aug. 28, 2005 - This is where the news of our grand opening will be.  Look for further notice.  I'm currently building this site with WebEditor6 by SJ Namo.  Evidently, there are several bugs in this version.  I've heard that 5.5 was more stable.  I seem to be finding many of the bugs myself;-)  I saw good reviews for this editor, but I'm not sure they were talking about this version.  Hope the 2006 version is better, at least I get a free upgrade to it.

Update: August 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to my daughter Christie!

Ooops!  Ever heard the phrase "Life Happens!", well I can testify that is a true statement. Sorry for the delay to any that might have been waiting.  But, as you can see with the site update, I am moving along again.  I'm having to learn photography, website creation & a whole host of arts (including the financial ones) to launch this new business.  Photographing jewelry and opals or gemstones is an art in itself.  Luckily, I've done or studied much of this in the past.

I'm currently hoping that September will be the launch date for putting this site into search engines, for everyone to find.  Though, I should be adding items for sale as the launch get's closer.


July 11, 2005 - Workshop finally integrated.  This is working well for me, but now I need to create another workshop area.  It's amazing the amount of tools that are needed for the various aspects of gem cutting, silver smithing and gold smithing.  I probably am partly the cause of it, in wishing to do all aspects of the creation of beautiful custom jewelry.

Update: Apr. 7, 2005

Well, things are moving slower than planned.  I've temporarily lost my main access to the internet.  I'm getting more custom orders than expected and just everyday problems have delayed launching this site.  

Apr. 1, 2005 - April Fools!!! We didn't get to open, even by the 15th, it would be several months from our planned beginning.  Life sure is funny sometimes!

UPDATE: Mar. 3, 2005

I've just finished Jeweler's school & will be adding opals & jewelry during the month of March.  Hope to have items for sale sometime by mid month.  All items will be satisfaction guaranteed.  Usually people don't admit they've just started, but I'm in love with opal and creating beautiful jewelry - so I am pretty good at it even as a beginner.  Also, I've been something of an artist & perfectionist my whole life (54.93 years~8^) which adds to the beauty & quality of my work.  Of course, I'll get even better as I go.  Come visit again and see if you agree.

Thanks for visiting!

V erne

Feb. 18, 2005 - Graduation from the 4 month bench jewelers course at American Jeweler's Institute in Portland, Oregon. Because I was also working full time at my 'real' job it took me 6 months.



In the Beginning there was Fire!


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First Ring

Sept. 2004


I am in the process of creating this site. This is the first ring I have ever made (Before Jewelers school). I cut the opal myself, and will be cutting many of the gems and colored gemstones used in my jewelry. The opal is Australian, and flashes a beautiful variety of colors from various angles. I will be putting more images up later. And, listing my hand made jewelry for sale. This ring is not for sale.  

Verne Adams
Adams Opals & Jewelry Creations


Hoping for something New


Dissatisfaction at work & with the new businesses having no loyalty for workers had me wondering what I would enjoy doing and be able to turn into a business that I would run myself.

Little did I know that in 2004 I would accidentally discover OPALS!


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